Retrato Samuel Rufian Gutierrez Biografía


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I like to define myself as an audiovisual creative mind, professional and artist, dedicated to the direction of photography, editing, photography, music and audio.

Since I was young, I always liked things related to music and audio. When I was 14, I began to learn to play guitar by myself. This was the impulse that compeled me to learn everything related to capturing and editing audio.

After finishing High School, I decided to study trade school as a Sound Engineer, during 2010-2012 I was trained as a sound engineer at “IES Puerta Bonita” in Madrid, Spain. While I was studing I felt in love with the audiovisual world, so I wanted to expand my knowledge on the image world too.

During the second year of studies, along with two class mates we decided to concentrate all of ours energies in setting up our own business. In 2013 was born “Daiquiri Corporation Audiovisual Works”, a business offering integral audiovisual services. In march of 2018 we decided to take separate paths.

After working during two years on audio and been involved in video, photography and lighting projects, I realized that what I wanted in reality was to study more. So, in 2014 I returned to trade school again to study Lighting, Shooting and Processing of Image.

In November 2018 I decided to start developing new projects, so I moved to live in Mallorca, Spain.

“My goal is to tell stories through images and sound, coveying ideas, feelings and emotions. I seek perfection in the small details.”


2017 | August – October | Drevernos Rudens Lygė 2017 | Festival | Organiser | Lithuania | Web

2016 | September – October | Drevernos Rudens Lygė 2016 | Festival | Director of Communication | Lithuania | Web

2016 | March – June | Lighting and Art Department Assistance | Eugenio Recuenco | Focal Imagen | Madrid | Spain | Web

2016 | March – October | Collective Exhibition | Le Chat Noir | IES Puerta Bonita | Madrid | Spain | Poster

2015 | June – August | Incubarte 7 International Art Festival | Coordinator, camera and editor on the department of comunication (video) | Valencia | Spain | Web

2015 | July – September | Collective Exhibition | Fragment of the project “Lighting Pollution” | IES Puerta Bonita | Madrid | Spain | Catalogue

2015 | April | Collective Exhibition “Mother Land” | EIC Carmelina Sánchez-Cutillas | Valencia | Spain | Catalogue | Web